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08/08/2015 09:06
Last 5th of June the NaturalMent association, in Son Sardina, opened the doors of its garden. Looking for more information about this special place, we interviewed José Mendez, one of its founders. Which are the essential characteristics of your project?  First, I must say that...
25/06/2015 10:55
In 2011 decided to organize together to produce and sell organic or local products from Mallorca. Mallorca Sostenible interviews its president Francisco Mengod.   Who are your main customers?      Our customers are quite varied: mostly young and families with children who want...
15/06/2015 17:04
 Agroecology and Food Sovereignty   Mallorca Sostenible   We attended the talks "Agroecology and Food Sovereignty" organized by the Es Baluard museum on the 5th of June. The topics for discussion were education, agriculture and food.   It was very interesting listening to...
29/03/2015 14:03
Pul books promotes the reutilizzation of textbooks. To participate in this initiative is a condition to open an account and to contribute with some books. Contact   Address: C / Ramon Muntaner, 39. Palma. Phone: 971 75 27 20  
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