Agroecology and Food Sovereignty

15/06/2015 17:04

 Agroecology and Food Sovereignty


Mallorca Sostenible


We attended the talks "Agroecology and Food Sovereignty" organized by the Es Baluard museum on the 5th of June. The topics for discussion were education, agriculture and food.


It was very interesting listening to Guillem Ferrer, director and founder of l'Educació per a la vida and the Poc a Poc movement, who said that "the current system has collapsed" and we need to start experimenting with other types of education, bringing it closer to a holistic model  that "works on hands, head and heart" and in which we are taught to know who we are. This, not knowing who we are, is what complicates people's relations, hence the main problem.



Ferrer ended stressing the importance of having a garden, a kitchen and contact with the forest in each school.

In the second part of the talks, Biel Torrens, secretary of "Unió de Pagesos" and President of Slow Food Illes Balears, listed some of the basic problems that beset the agricultural sector on the islands: the extra costs associated with insularity, the regulations affecting the sector activity, the progressive abandonment of land, poor visibility in the media of the sector and the lack of information about the origin of the products on their labels, among others.



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