"When the housing policy is serious, there is committment to have a large group of dwellings"

May 2, 2017

The Palma Gentrification Observatory interviews Ivan Murray (PhD in geography by the University of the Balearic Islands and MSC in environmental sustainability by the University of Edinburgh) about Gentrification, tourism and other related issues that directly affect balearic people.

Interviewer: We can not analyze the gentrification processes that are taking place in the Islands without speaking about tourism. In this sense, the Balearic Government is for promoting the seasonal tourism. Why is this format considered more sustainable? Is there sustainable tourism?

Ivan Murray: What is pursued is an exponential growth, but this is physically non-viable from the social point of view. The deseasonalisation is a wrong policy and in the future we will have to reduce our economic circuits (of production, consumption and distribution). In my opinion, it is better that we go ahead and do it in a voluntary and organized way.

E: If this exponential growth is pursued ... Which has been the real cause of the reactions of the Government in relation to the enlargement announced by AENA?

Murray: AENA is one of the main companies of Mallorca and, on the other hand, much of what is extracted from there is spread throughout the state territory. What would the Government do if it could be in a position to manage the airport? Surely, it would agree with an expansion ... But it would be "ours".

Read more (in spanish): www.mallorcasostenible.org/products/cuando-la-politica-de-vivienda-es-seria-se-apuesta-por-tener-un-grupo-importante-de-viviendas/